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Veteran Developers

RoZa employs various developers from around the world, bringing in vital assets with various advanced skillsets to help shape the face of the products we make. We strive to deliver top tier quality tools to your hands, and with the team we have spent so long building, that dream can become a reality.


Quality Products

At RoZa, we deliver top quality products and tools designed to fit the everyday developers ever-expanding needs. We offer competitive choices that allow the user to provide experiences developed with maintainability and performance in mind, as well as focus on important parts of the SDLC including testing and debugging their application. Never before has the average developer had the opportunity to delve into an area only reserved for the AAA enterprise programmer.

Quality Products to fit your needs
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Our Staff

Robert Schuchman
CEO/Lead Developer

Zachary Pappalau
CTO/Lead Developer
An engaging UX designed to decrease development backlog and increase customer satisfaction
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